7 Best Coffee Recipes

7 Best Coffee Recipes

An instant energy booster, a cup of coffee is the most important thing in the morning for millions of people worldwide. The heady aroma of the beans, enjoyed straight up or teamed with milk and sugar into a foamy concoction, makes for a delightful start to the day. Coffee is not just any beverage but almost a ritual, and there is a considerable amount of skills required to master the perfect cup of coffee, right from sourcing the beans and grinding them, to brewing the liquor. But for those who love coffee but don’t have the time to dedicate making the beverage from scratch, there’s instant coffee to the rescue. While coffee connoisseurs may dismiss it as lacking flavour, for some it is the next best thing.

The best part about coffee is that there is a recipe for everyone. You can make in different ways to suit your taste. While espresso and cappuccino are the most popular forms of coffee in the morning, coming to South India, the filter coffee rules through and through. Served in a small steel glass that is placed in a steel bowl, the furiously hot coffee is usually tamed before drinking it by repeatedly pouring it from the steel glass to the steel bowl and vice versa.

For those who love cold beverages, you can use coffee to make creamy cold coffee, frappe, mocha coolers, etc. You can make it more sinful by adding chocolate syrup, ice cream, whipped cream and the likes. All you need to do is invest in a basic coffee maker, which is readily available in the market and in affordable prices. Once you do so, you can go all out and create your favourite coffee drinks within minutes!

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Here are our favourite coffee recipes to get you started -

1. Cappuccino
Recipe by Shailley

Why do you want to go out and buy yourself some coffee? Make your own cup of coffee at home to kickstart your morning.

Photo Credit: instagram/mettydiangelis

2. Cold Coffee
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

A classic cold coffee is chilled, refreshing and has that perfect kick of coffee. All you need is a few ingredients, and a blender to whip up this gorgeous drink.


3. Filter Coffee
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

This recipe hails from South India. A very famous coffee which is filtered through a perforated container, mixed with some milk and served foamy.

filter coffee


4. Irish Coffee

Recipe by Aashna Ahuja

Irish coffee is a bewitching combination of sweet, whisky-laced coffee through softly-whipped cream. Very simple, very indulgent, very delicious.

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5. Iced Coffee
Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

A layer of flavours with rum/liqueur, nutmeg, coffee and ice cream, topped off with coffee ice cubes!

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Photo Credit: instagram/didz_2422

6. Spiced Coffee
Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

Whip up a cup of coffee made with a desi, ginger and aromatic cardamom.


7. Mocha Cooler
Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

For all coffee lovers, this is a scrumptious cooler made with the flavours of strong black coffee, cream and chocolate ice cream. Heavenly!


Go on, get your dose of caffeine and kick start your day on a high note. The best part is that you can keep experimenting with different flavours to create a refreshing drink every single day if you wish.